Friday, November 1, 2013

131101 Uncle Michael's Dispute Resolution Guide

Uncle Michael's Dispute Resolution Guide:

#1 The Oldest ALWAYS rides Shotgun - No exceptions

#2 Due to a Grandfathered Rule by Gramma Terry, only one of the kids is allowed to eat in the Cadillac  There's an 84% Chance you ain't it.

#3 All attitude adjustments are adjusted with the brown leather belt. Start at the top - Follow Thru.

#4 Screaming, crying, pouting, temper tantrums, and bad attitudes are prohibited by law, punishable under UMDRG Rule #3.

#5 Because I said so, that's why.

#6 Hussle... And there's a good chance we can stop for ice cream.

Everyone always wonder why I'm the favorite uncle... Well, there you have it folks. No BS.

#UMDRG (Official Hash Tag)