Saturday, April 7, 2012

120407 Spring / Easter Weekend is Here Already!

Spring is upon us!  Fresh Greenery, Fresh air to match the sunshine!  Just a beautiful time of year for a new start on stuff!  Not to say that there will be challenges ahead; because I can tell you this, if you don't run across challenges, you're not trying hard enough!  Challenges are what makes the best things in life worth it in the end!  Challenges are what make what you're trying to do memorable.  Don't give up on what your trying to accomplish just because you have challenges in your way.  Embrace them!  Deal with them head on.  There may be times where you have to deal with your Challenges one step at a time, but hey, Remember, Step 1 Boil Water!  You will get thru it!

I hope you all have a Great and wonderful Easter this year!  Today I am thankful for the Miracles that God has done in my life, the challenges he has given me to make me the person that I am today, and the Family he has given me!  Today I say "Thank you God" for the ultimate sacrifice and Miracles you've bestowed upon me in MY life time; and Thank You God for sending your Son to pay the ultimate sacrifice for me!

Sunday I'll be rolling out of bed and headed to Sun Rise Service at the Lobo Stadium with the family.  If you're going, download the #Zello App on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry device (for free) and find me on the CherokeeStreet-1 Channel!

Have a great weekend and God Bless!