Tuesday, March 13, 2012

120313 QR Codes and Business Cards - The Final Say!

Alright... It's time to put up or shut up on this QR Code stuff, right?

So, I've talked a lot about QR Codes lately (QR Codes and Business Cards & More On QR Codes), and I just believe most people are doing it wrong.  So, I'm going to show you what a QR Code Should Do!

If you scan this QR Code (or just click it if you're looking at this from your cellphone already):
You will immediately be able to:
  1. Call my Cellphone directly from your Cellphone with just a click
  2. Shoot me an email from your cellphone with just a click
  3. Find me on Facebook or Twitter
  4. And Lastly; Go to my website and or blog if you want
By Linking your website to a QR Code printed on your business card will frustrate your customer because they shouldn't have to find the necessary contact information for you on yoru website thru their cellphone.  I mean, have YOU looked at your website from your cellphone?  I have.  And If I can't find how I can get a hold of you in less than 5 seconds, I'm going to get turned off and go some where else.

QR Codes are a TIME SAVING tool, not a time costing tool.  Make it easy on your customers, make sure your QR Codes have a specific purpose, and that purpose can be done on cellphone or smart phone by a laymen person, or an idiot like me!

There's a commercial I hear on the radio from "Advanced Auto Parts" it's a great commercial and it sticks out at me because the advertise their website - not as just a website, but a "Get it done" site.  That's what you have to think about when you're developing the content of your QR Code.  No one wants to scan a QR Code to see how pretty your website is.  They are scanning it so they can accomplish a task.

Am I right?  Tell me what you are looking for when you scan a QR Code.  

I look forward to your comments on this one!  Enjoy!


  1. I'll do you one better - give them an actual business card, but put this QR code on it, so they can scan it and have easier access to your phone number/email/etc. That way you satisfy both types of people!

    Fred | Barcode Wire

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