Wednesday, February 15, 2012

120211 My Favorite Village Inn

Wow... I hate to say it, but my favorite Village Inn has been a bit of a disappointment the last two (2) visits. The last time I let it go, and figured everyone was having a bad day; then I walked in this morning.

Junior (the host/manager with a tattoo of lips on his neck, looked like a hickey) completely ignored me as I walked up to the podium as he continued to talk to Faith, the hostess seating everybody; as if the seating chart was so critical that to take his eyes off it for just a moment to smile, greet me, and say "just one moment, we'll be right with you." would have caused a crisis of such mass proportion that breakfast would have been ruined for everyone world wide... Then they both proceed to turn their back on us and walk away from us.

Needless to say, Faith did come back to seat us; with Surup dripping off the menu, and dirty silverware. Once we. Pointed it out, (step by step of everything the surup landing on) we finally settled in for breakfast.

From there on our, our waitress gave us fantastic service.

The point I'm getting at, is the customer IS the most important aspect of your business, and to treat the customer like he/she is the most valuable ingredient in your business, you will repeat that business. And to ignore a customer, or treat your customers as if they are secondary to your immediate concerns (Unless your putting out a fire, or chasing a bull from a china shop) your priorities are a little off track. Village Inn; you can paint your walls a more appealing and comfortable color, you can hang TV's up, you can even give me free pie on Wednesdays... But if for a moment I feel like my presence as a customer is so much of an inconvenience to you, then I am going to Monroes! Bottom line is it is your employee's and their service that keep customers coming back!

Michael D. Chavez
Cherokee Street, L.L.C.
"Live off the Blackberry"

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