Monday, January 9, 2012

People I‘m keeping an eye on in 2012

I wanted share on some of the people I ‘m keeping an eye on in 2012. 

Choyse Music Group; I have known Rick Vigil for a long time, and what he’s able to do with music is just awe inspiring.  His hits on Facebook and Youtube are definitely getting some nationwide attention.  I venture to say that by the end of 2012 his reach will be across the Atlantic. 

Jerrica Armijo, Jewelry Maker.  People are coming out of the wood work to get their hands on her creations.  From just personal every day wear to wedding jewelry, Jerrica is rapidly becoming one of Albuquerque’s go-to girls on beautiful artistic jewelry.  Take a look at her Facebook page and see what she’s turning out. 

ABQ Trolley; these guys are going into their 4th season.  Mike and Jesse took an old trolley that the city tried to phase out and made it an instant success!  From their 10-buck-tour, to the Trolley of Terror, these guys really know how to show off Albuquerque, and have made the trolley tour a “Must do” when coming to visit Albuquerque.  I’m just waiting for them to call me as a “guest tour guide” one day!  ::hint hint:: 

Chillz Frozen Custard; OMG, have you been by to try their ice cream yet?  Rick introduced me to these guys earlier this year, and all I can say is Wow!  Coldstone has got some competition in the University area, that’s for sure!

Legacy Church; these guys raise the bar every year in their service; their giving and influence on the community.  From Pastor Steve Smotherman making headlines on the front page of the ABQ Journal for standing up for his beliefs, and backing up what he says when it comes to how some of the politics are handled in this city.  Their record fund-raising for “Make-a-wish” of $45,000 this year, the fire cam program, and wrapping it up with the most awesome-est Christmas Eve program I have ever seen… EVER! Legacy Church continues to break records in attendance, with services that actually touch the hearts and minds, and addresses the issues that people are actually facing today.  Legacy Church doesn’t just preach the word, they exemplify it!

Restaurants that I see using Social Media  in the right way:
Monroes Restaurant – I now know that Friday is Puerto Rican night.  And that’s how it’s done folks!

Isabella’s Bakery – We know what’s for lunch, and that my friends is important when you’re working down town!

Gold Street Café – You guys make me wish I lived next door to you.  I’d have breakfast there every day, and I would be fat and broke! 

2012 is going to be a great year!  I know it, I feel it, I see it around every corner I turn!  The opportunities are out there.  It’s up to you to go out there and claim them!  I look forward to seeing you out there in 2012. 

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