Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 A Year in review - and sweep under the rug!

2011 a Year to sweep under the rug and pretend never happened.
2011 was a rough year on everybody it seams.  I don’t know, it seems like the number 11 just sets people into some kind of weirdness.  We’re all glad to be done with it, including me!  It just seems like 2011 wasn’t nice to anybody.
 I mean look at Obama...  He announced to the world that the most feared, and hated man ON THE PLANET was dead, and we American’s hunted his sorry can to the ends of the earth, leaving no rock un turned, no hole un-dug, (of course finding him right next door to an Afgan military base) and made him pay dearly for every last life he took; then he ordered his body to be flushed down the back of an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. 

Sounds to me like the man should be re-elected - no questions asked, right?  Nope...  Not a month later, people started hating on him again.
2011 was tough on relationships too.  Couple's shocked the world by splitting up.  (OMG! The Kardashians, right! And what’s his name from the last Bachelor…  Brad!  Good Lord.  I still think he shoulda picked Ashley!)

Close friends of mine, who I thought were completely solid - surprised me.  Even my own relationship took a huge hit.  Then a prince took a commoner, and restored the world with its faith in love, and towards the end of 2011 people woke up and started fighting for what was right.
Oh, and who can forget the devastating Cadillac wreckage of 2011!  I don't wanna talk about that, I’m still trying to collect from them!
2011 was a dismal year for business too.  Although we started seeing trends that showed the economy was on the upswing again, it didn't come fast enough for some folks.  But as with relationships, that engine finally warmed up, and 2011's black friday was one of the most successful in retail business than it has seen in years.  So much in fact that opening the doors was similar to opening up the flood gates of a dam, and some violence and destruction occurred.
Oh, and guess what, the sales weren’t all that great folks.  Many of the popular items were the same price as they were the month before.  I checked.
Toward the end of 2011 Cherokee Street started picking up calls again showing signs of life after a very successful but very draining event - the United MMA series. 

Although Cherokee Street wasn't meant to be an MMA promoter, we knocked our first and only MMA fight out of the park, and then we decided that this is not what we want to be known for.
 Now we venture into 2012, and we have bright hopes, fresh ideas, and soo glad 2011 is over.  I venture to guess people are not making too many resolutions this year, but looking to what lies ahead, acting on ideas, and making plans on how we can make it successful. 
Stay tuned for my next article: What I’m paying attention to in 2012!

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