Wednesday, December 14, 2011

111214 Basic tips for a Job Interview

I have hired and managed hundreds of employees in my life time, and interviewed thousands more. Here are some basic tips to getting past that initial interview. Although you'd think these are common sense, you would be suprised at how many people don't get it. Don't laugh, these actually happened. Ok, you can laugh, I was when I wrote it... :)

So, here it goes, Interview 101:

#1 - Take a Bath. Body odor can be a distraction to the interviewer. They will be so distracted by the smell, that no matter what is said, their one goal is to GET YOU OUT OF THE ROOM. Bam, your done.

#2 - Brush your Teeth. See #1.

#3 - Wear CLEAN clothes. Again, see #1. That smell aint coming out of that chair for days.

#4 - Comb your hair (although, this one is now a days negotiable). Despite me using style gel in my hair to "spike" it, my grandpa constantly tells me to comb my hair. But if you come in looking like a rats nest, then all the interview can do is laugh in side, and try to keep a straight face thru the whole interview. Been there. Done that.

#5 - Guys - wear a tie, girls - well, wear something nice. Dressing for the interview shows me that you are serious about wanting this job, and if you are not going to put the effort forth in dressing the part, then I think about the effort you are going to put into your job. Despite the potential company's "relaxed" dress code, or potential uniform, still make an impression. We talk about that after you leave.

#6 - Show up. No shows don't want the job. Plain and simple.

#7 - Be on time. Your interviewer obviously has a full plate, and a schedule to pack a 13 hours of work into a 8 and a 1/2 hour day. He has set time aside to meet with you, because he thought you were important enough. The very lease is recognize his schedule, and respect it. Bottom line - late to an interview, will always be late for work. Yep, we talk about that too.

#8 - Shoes! Sandles, flip flops, hooker boots (unless that's the job your going for) are strictly prohibited (unless your job is in Key West, FL.). This is just nasty, your feet are nasty, your toe nails are nasty. We don't need to see this. Trust me. We compare your feet to how nasty the last guy who came in with sandles on.

#10 - Don't show up drunk or hung over. If you drank the night before, and are seriously hung over - the interview will be able to tell. We can smell it in your breath, and we can see it in your eyes. If you are to potentially represent the face of the company, the last thing we want is someone who is sloppy drunk. If you are an alcoholic, get help. We are looking for someone reliable, alcoholics are proven to not be reliable. We won't hire you.

#9 - Scratch that... 1 thru 8 should cover it. If you can knock these out, you've won half the battle. The rest is about you being yourself, and confident you can do the job!

Michael D. Chavez
CEO & Executive Event Coordinator
Cherokee Street, L.L.C.
"Live off the Blackberry"