Monday, November 14, 2011

111112 Wendy's on the West Side - Great Customer Retention

Well, being the hermit I’ve been lately, I haven’t gotten out much, however, the other Day, Iris and I were going to the movies, when she noted to me that I needed to eat something because I my blood sugar was getting low. Thankfully she caught it before I did, or it would have been a hell of a date.

We veered into Wendy’s, one of my favorite grab and go places. This one was on the west side, right across from Target on Coors and Paseo Del Norte.

My order was simple, a .99 cent chicken nugget, and a small Dr. Pepper.  Nothing crazy, just enough to get me thru the movie before we went to dinner later.  Well, knowing my sugar issues and what I was going thru, I am real careful on what I say, so it doesn’t affect the projection of my attitude at the moment.  After I order, I notice the guy is being really short with me, AND there is something on that little drive thru screen thing that I didn’t order; so I informed the guy on the intercom “You have an order for a frostee, but I didn’t order one.”  He snapped back before I could finish my sentence and told me “that isn’t for you!”  Knowing my state, I shut up, maybe I’m being sensitive, but man, was he rude.  I drive to the window, and he hands me my nuggets in a bag, with a straw inside, and sends me on my way.  I look up and say, “I also ordered a Dr. Pepper”

1st Drive thru guy: “No you didn’t, it’s not on the ticket.”

Me: “Yes I did.”  (thinking, he put a straw in my bag, that had to say something…)

Other guy at the drive thru: “yes he did” (while dispensing my Dr. Pepper).

1st Rude Drive thru guy: (hands its to me, closes the window and turns away.)

Mind you, I know what my body is doing to me, and my mind.  ‘That can’t be me.’  I asked Iris, “was that guy rude, or was it just me?”  She agreed it was very rude. 

Oh, now I have to say something!

I see another Wendy’s employee standing outside, smoking a cigarette.  “Are you the manager?”  I asked him (knowing darn well he wasn’t, but I had to say something to someone.) “Because the guy at the drive thru is having a really bad day I think.”

Smoking Cigarette guy:  “I heard on the head phones, our boss just got after him on the intercom about talking to you like that; I’m really sorry about that, we will get it taken care of.”

Thanks Wendy’s Smoking a Cigarette infront of the restaurant so everyone can see you employee guy!  I think you were just making that up, but it was heart felt, genuine, and excellent customer retention!  Start smoking in the back of the restaurant, and you will go along way in the Customer Service Field! 

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