Thursday, October 27, 2011

111027 McCall's Pumpkin Patch

$30 in gas to get you to the McCall’s Pumpkin Patch.
$30 for 3 people to get in.
Jump on to one of 3 trailers pulled by a tractor,
Out to a 30 Acre field just to go PICK YOUR OWN pumpkin.
Carry that pumpkin back to the trailer,
Straight to the Cash Register to pay $9 for that pumpkin YOU had to pick from the field YOURSELF.

Now, If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the “great pumpkin patch” experience, then you McCall’s Pumpkin Patch in Morarity, NM is an awesome place to visit.  Kid friendly during the day, and scary movie friendly at night.

There's wal-mart pumpkins in a box, and then there's McCall's pumpkins that you can pick straight from the field.

Halloween is a $30 Billion dollar industry, and the 2nd highest grossing “holiday” in the world.  And the McCall’s sure know how to tap into that.  Go check them out!
have a great day, and a safe weekend!