Sunday, August 21, 2011

110821 My Tattoo Q&A

Well, after many inquiries, I and no time to talk about it, I’ve finally decided to write about my tattoo.  First, this is my first Tattoo, and probably my last.  So to answer some questions right off the bat:

Q: Did it hurt?
A: Yes

Q: Did I cry?
A: No

Q: Did I want to?
A: Yes

Q: Any witnesses that I didn’t cry?
A: Yes, My sister was there

Q: Is it real?
A: Better be.  It hurt like it was real.  It’s peeling like it’s real.  It bleed like it was real.

Q: What did grandma and grandpa say?
A: They’re first reaction wasn’t all that great, but they actually are appreciating it for the artistic and sentimental value.

Q: What does it mean?

First, my mother had the same type of tattoo; and it has become a Family Crest of sorts.  My mother had a tattoo of a rose on her right shoulder, and a tattoo of 2 feathers on her left arm symbolizing her 2 oldest boys – Me and Jason.

Jason and Scooter both have a similar tattoo; and Savannah and I were the only ones without it.  Now that I have mine, Savannah is the last one to get the tattoo.  There are unconfirmed reports that she should have her within a couple of years.

As for it’s story; well, the two feathers and the rose represent my mother, me and my brother Jason.  The two feathers are structured the same size but with different features.  This represents our similarities and differences.  The band represents the influence our mother has on my life event thru today.  The straps and the coin with her initials that are yet to be finished on the inside will represent the discipline she instilled in me.  This has it’s own story which when I was a kid, our mother use to grab us by the arm, and dig her fingernails into the fleshy tender part under our arm (a very effective way to get a kids attention by the way.)  It hurt!  And, it always made a point.  She always had our undivided attention, and we always remembered why she did it!  The Drop under the rose represents the memory of her loss, and the sentiment of her memory.  Its artistic value can be accredited to Dorian Gray and symbolizes her beauty and ability to command attention to any room she walked into.  Whether it be her work out gear, her hospital gown, or when she was all “doll’d up.”   

Well, there you have it!  I hope this answers some questions… Until next time!

Michael Chavez