Saturday, July 16, 2011

110716 Blowing a Customer Off = Getting your business blown off

This segment actually has to do with a Customer Service call to my insurance company, and several companies here in ABQ.  So, everybody knows about the #Cadillac being wrecked by the #USPS.  Well, since the United States Postal Service doesn’t have an insurance company, and handles their tort claims outright, I had to go thru MY insurance company to handle the damage, repair, and reimbursement.  Well, #LibertyMutual is my insurance carrier, and they handle everything from my stuff, my family’s stuff, and then some.

For reasons that would take too long to explain, the bottom line is the car isn’t done yet, and #Enterprise Rent-a-car called and said they wanted the #ManCar back.  I went down to straighten it out since Liberty Mutual said it was their bad for taking so long; and they would cover the rental for as long as it was needed until I got the caddy back.  I had 2 different people at Liberty Mutual tell me this, so I went along my marry way doing my thing until Enterprise called and said bring the car back.  Not their fault, No one had told Enterprise to let me keep it, so the folks at Enterprise here in ABQ off of Lomas and Broadway, you guys still rock!

I call my Insurance Agent @KimberlyHolmes at Liberty Mutual, and she’s aware of the extended rental, and she gets on it.  She calls her boss, my adjuster, anyone and every one she can - she’s burning up her dial pad on her phone in her cubical at her office; and for some reason NO one can own up to the “our bad” over at Liberty Mutual.  The insurance company actually blamed me for taking it to the wrong body shop!  That was their ultimate excuse for not continuing to cover the rental. 

Now, who hear owns a Cadillac??  Raise your hands.  Who is the ONLY place you can take your car to get worked on if something goes wrong with it??  (Say it with me) “Cadillac!!”  So, when the car gets wrecked, I didn’t know anywhere else to have it towed to, except the #GallesAndDavis Cadillac dealer here in Albuquerque.  However, Galles and Davis doesn’t do body work, only Mechanical.  HOWEVER, they trust all their body work to Harold’s Body Shop for all their Cadillac bodywork needs.  “Ok” I say… Do what ever needs to be done, and let Liberty Mutual know.

Ugh, sorry, I should write a book.  LoL  Anyway, So, I’m sitting at Enterprise…  Jennifer, the girl behind the counter talks to my Agent.  She then tries to get ahold of my Claims Adjuster.  6 Phone calls on Enterprise ends and all end with the same answer: Policy Max is Policy Max.  What the hell is Policy Max.  Now, I’m not an idiot, I know the definition of the two terms, so I’m putting it together that Liberty Mutual is going back on their word and is not going to cover the car any more; but what the heck!!!  Are you serious??  “Yes” was the look I got from the folks at Enterprise; but Kimberly Holmes is hard on it, in her office yelling at everybody she can talk to too get her own company to own up to their word.

Here’s the blown off part.  Kim finally gets ahold of someone in the claims adjuster department to get me some info on how to get the Man Car rental to continued to be covered.  Now, apparently only 2 people in the entire Liberty Mutual world has access to my claim, and that is these 2 girls, “Regina” and “Stephanie.”  Well, guess who’s the 2 people within the Liberty Mutual company not answering their phone at the moment (if these 2 girls are that important, get them a blackberry! Please!).  Yep, you guessed it, “Stephanie” and “Regina”  Now mind you, I’ve been at Enterprise Rent-a-car for, now, 3 hours.  I know everyone’s names, I know their kids name, I’ve seen pictures, and we’re now planning on what we’re all gonna go drinkin’ later. Kimberly is able to conference me in with someone in the claim’s department who has no other alternative but to send “Stephanie” and “Regina” an email and have them call me back!  (Are you serious?! – really? An Email?  That’s YOUR FIX?  Why don’t you just transfer me to that complaint voicemail box you send all the whiners too so you can go smoke that cigarette you’ve been craving for  the last 45 minutes!  It’s not like I’m stuck or anything!)

Now, ya’ll know, I’m a smart ass – and Kim and attest to this, because I know she was cracking up on the other end with her phone on mute.  I tell the girl “Look, I’ve been here for 3 hours, and I didn’t bring my sleeping bag with me, I wanna go home! Are you serious? The only thing you can do is send someone an email?”  That was her story and she was sticking to it.  Apparently she didn’t bother to go thru my case and look because she completed the email to the 2 girls mentioned above before she said “Oh, wait!  You need the claim number from the postal service? Here it is!” 

“Ohh-EEM-GEE!”  (That’s what I thought, not what I said).  Yes ma’am, that’s all I need, the phone number, and the claim number for the postal service.

“Hear you go” and she proceeds to rattle off the info I’ve been spending the last 3 hours trying to get.  1 more phone call, and 10 minutes later, the Man Car and I were on the road again.

Needless to say, Stephanie called me 2 hours after left the rental car office, informing me that she just saw an urgent message to call me; and Regina emailed me the information the next morning around 11AM my time.  If that wasn’t some bureaucracy bullshit, I don’t know what is.

I know that if It wasn’t for my trusted insurance agent, @KimberlyHolmes; I would be shopping for new insurance right now.  1 person can be the life and death of your customer’s “experience” with your company.  If it wasn’t for my insurance agent, Liberty Mutual would have lost: my business, the estate of my mother’s business, my grandparents business, my 2 brother’s business and we probably would have all gone to #WellsFargo!

Thank you Kimberly!  Liberty Mutual, thank Kimberly as well!  She is definitely someone who is out there Hustlin’ to make sure your company is lookin’ good!

Michael D. Chavez
Cherokee Street, LLC

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sure its Easy... Why don't you Teach it!

This story so funny that, first, I couldn't make it up, and second, I had to share it right away; because I believe its a great lesson.

I'm referring to something that happened just today; I'm down on the farm, spending time with my grandparents; and we were talking about a "walnut / pecan cracker". You know that gadget that you break these types of nuts with. Well, my grandpa was lecturing me on how "easy" it was to use after learning that (at 35 years old) I didn't know how. (Apparently, you just don't 'crack' these nuts just any old way.)

To which I reminded him that "easy" and "knowing how" are two different situations. I told him that wiping your ass is easy, but if you didn't know how, you would be in a pretty shitty situation...

If you know it, teach it! I have never chastised my employees for something they didn't know. If I knew it, I taught it. If I didn't know it, I learned it. Needless to say, I made my grandparents laugh so hard we lost track of what we were talking about and, I will have to learn the walnut cracker some other way. To my preacher friends, yes, you can use this, but you may need to clean it up a little. :)

Have a great weekend!


Michael Chavez
Executive Event Coordinator
Cherokee Street, L.L.C.