Monday, June 27, 2011

Customer Appreciation – Isabella’s Bakery vs. the Subway Downtown

Although I don’t very much miss the hustle of running ragged working for the Albuquerque Convention Center; I do miss working downtown.  One of the things I do dearly miss is my Thursday’s Meatloaf Day at Isabella’s Bakery.  And I’m reminded of it even more now that I am a subscriber on their Facebook fan page and receive their daily specials every morning; I log in and find my first glace at facebook foaming at the mouth the moment I wake up.

Everyone who knew me on a personal level would know that Thursday’s was my “Meatloaf” day at Isabella’s.  And I do mean everyone!  I had my entire guest services staff recommending meatloaf day at Isabella’s during every convention we had just because I loved it so much! 

What I do like about Isabella’s (not that this happened every day) is that every once and a while the fine folks there would recognize that I was a very faithful customer and tell me that my money was no good that day.  What they probably don’t know is that I also marketed the hell out of Isabella’s; and even though they DID recognize it, I don’t think they realized to what extent.  And my reward…  I wouldn’t get just free Meatloaf on Meatloaf day, I would get Double free meatloaf on meatloaf day!

Subway was also a favorite of mine, just because I recognize that if I did eat at Isabella’s every day, I would probably die of a heart attack.  Not that Isabella’s didn’t have healthy food, it’s just that the unhealthy food at Isabella’s screamed louder at me when I walked in from the street side.  Now, Subway I actually ate at more often.  It was closer by about 25 feet (which was always a plus for me).  And, well, I’m hooked.  Subway was always my quick answer for the “where can I grab a quick bite to eat” question we would get because, well, it was subway, and they were really, really fast.  I don’t care if the line was out the door, and ½ way around the plaza, they could knock out a lunch run with less than 4 minutes of waiting in line on their busiest day. 

I would even let Subway know if we had a special event that would draw a huge crowd on the Saturday’s the they were closed because there would be a huge potential for them to make money.  I also did it, because we needed options for our customers to go to, because, as you know, NOTHING is open on Saturday and Sunday for lunch in Downtown Albuquerque. 

Do you think the owner would cop for so much as a free soda or cookie to me and my staff?  Nope…  Never…  But I didn’t care.  I always considered Subway as the additional option when our clients had no other alternative; however’ Isabella’s Meatloaf – That was an experience you just had to check out!

You have loyal customers?  Appreciate their loyalty.  You can’t buy that kind of PR!

Have a Great Day!

Michael Chavez
Cherokee Street, LLC

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