Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 06 23 Village Inn – Menaul and University

First I would like to thank all the fine folks at #VillageInn on Menaul and University for putting up with my ‘can’ going in and hogging up a table for several hours at a time for a glass of Ice Tea and their free #wifi service.  I would like to compliment Diana who is a host at Village Inn as well as the rest of the front line staff I have encountered over there.  Diana always has a smile on her face when I come in, and has made it a point to make me feel welcome every time I walk in.

With a little help, they have also mastered the #HuevosRanchos Plate that I like over there.  Sure it’s not #Sadies, #Monroes, or even the #BarrelasCoffeeHouse but it works for us light skinned folk, and definitely works for those out of town visitors who want to experience this fine breakfast dish, but don’t want the full “ramifications” that comes with eating the ‘real deal.’ 

I have eaten at several of the other Village Inn’s and I just don’t receive the same service as the one I receive at the one on Menaul and University. 

The Village Inn on Coors north of Montano, I experienced a waitress who just had some inappropriate comments about my gender (man hater) after having a conversation with a friend of mine and finding out they are from the same small town of #Taos, #NewMexico; felt comfortable enough with us to make this comment to me.  I’m kind glad I don’t remember her name, because I definitely would have listed it here.

The Village Inn on University at the Airport smells in the most horrible way.  It seems like there is either mold in the carpet or the vents, or something, but I really get grossed out eating just by the smell.  And for those who know me, know I don’t have a very good sense of smell to begin with, however it seems like that one just hits me.

The Village Inn in #LosLunas I actually enjoy going to, this is the one I find myself taking my Grandparents to quite often.  Even tho they don’t have free wifi; I like it.  I just have one beef, and it’s a small, very correctable one.  When making a Huevos Ranchos Plate, don’t fold the tortilla, spread it out!!!  The whole point of this dish is that the tortilla is the base of everything on the plate.  It’s hard to cut, and very messy.  So, please, all you Huevos Rancho’s makers – the tortilla is supposed to be spread out, not folded.

Michael Chavez
Cherokee Street, LLC

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