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2010 Q1 - Update

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2010 Q – 1 Update

New Year, New Month, New Decade!!! Wow, what a chance to make a change, and start off with something new, something wonderful, something exciting, and something Great! As far as the family goes, first of all we are all doing really well. The Holiday’s weren’t as rough as we thought, although we were together locked arm in arm, face clinched, and pressed in expecting the worst. Don’t get me wrong, it was rough; however somehow, we pulled thru better than we expected. We laughed, we cried, we prayed, and we made fun of each other - like we have done all our lives.

Wedding plans are coming along great… At least, I think they are. The closer we get, we see something new, however, the big stuff is nailed down. Who ever heard of buying gifts for the Best Man, and the Grooms men and what not??? Geez, I think I got jipped for the first 3 weddings my 2 brothers had... Iris is schooling me though, and I’m coming to grips with it. I tell you what boy, Savannah, when you get married, I wanna Gift!!! Ah, any way, well, now that’s out of my system, moving on. Lets see… Oh, Wedding Plans, right. SO, I have, (in my own crazy analytical mind goes) a logistical plan for the wedding, can you believe it? So far, it’s like 3 pages long, and growing. Hey, it helps me store stuff, so I can make sure we’re on track. May 15th, we’re still on, and we’ll see ya’ll there.

As for Work, life at the Albuquerque Convention Center seems to have kicked into high gear for some reason. Well, I know the reason, my work load doubled last year when the powers that be gave me full reign over all that security entails for the convention center, and with the economy goes, cut how much help I need to do it. But we’re getting by. Some drastic changes have happened, for the good I believe, but changes none the less. We just finished our first concert last night with Kathy Griffin bringing in a packed house. I think I saw like 6 empty seats in the whole auditorium. It was awesome, and more to come. Gabriel Iglesias will be here next month, and they just keep on comin’. The Convention Center signed a 3 year deal for the USA Track and Field competitions that are normally held on the east coast and aired on ESPN. Well, we will now have them here, and they will still be broadcasted on ESPN (“The Ocho” right…???). Keep an eye out for all the events coming our way at for all the most complete and up to date information.

Mia’s growing like a little weed over here. I think she gained a whole foot since they arrived back in July of last year. She and I have found a mutual love for Guitar Hero. She’s picking up on it pretty quickly. Oh, and do you know in the band setting, there’s a spot where you can sing? I did not know that. She likes to sing… Boy does she like to sing. I think she sings in her head when she’s not talking. Don’t be surprised if we see her on a stage on some stadium one of these days. Iris is introducing me to things like (I’m going to probably not spell this right, but here it goes) “Abondigas” and something else, I cant remember the name of it. She makes it to remind her of home, I think she’s secretly trying to convert me to “Mexican”, one dish at a time, every month. She’s taking the chile pretty good though. I’m impressed, she’s up to green chile at Monroes, and she had some of Gramma’s light green chile the other day. Pretty soon she will be smothering it on her turkey and mash potatoes at thanksgiving dinner, and putting my brother Jason to shame saying “Comeon… it’s not hot…!!!.”

As for the rest of the Family goes, Gramma and Gramps are doing just awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gramma so healthy. I think it’s because she doesn’t want to go back into the hospital again. Not necessarily because it’s uncomfortable for her, but to keep me from turning the hospital upside down when she’s there. I think a bit of mom came out in me the last time she was there, and by the time Gramma was discharged, everyone from the toilet plunger guy to the Hospital Administrator knew who I was. Today, she’s off her O2 (grampa calls it her butane tank) and actually lost quite a bit of weight. Grampa is slowing down, not from the casino naturally, but at home, you can tell, he’s slowing down a little bit at a time. Gramma has us all over as often as she can for him. I think it does him some good to see the kids, we can tell because it motivates him to eat. I keep asking Gramma to bring him by my office so he can see what his inspiration in me at taken me. I know he’d love it.

I think I’ve covered all the major points I can think to cover… Oh… The Kitchen… So, I have tackled some of Gramma’s recipes. Now, I know I can never replace Gramma and what she can do in the kitchen, but I think I have mastered the most important thing; her country fried, fat infused, heart attack inducing, lactose based, Oklahoma cream gravy. If there was ever anything I needed to make sure I walk away from her kitchen with, it’s that. Everything else, I we can work at to accomplish. Well, folks, that’s it for now. Remember, May 15th, Albuquerque Convention Center, Me, My Wife, My Family, a whole slew of friends and Vanilla Pop! See you then. Until next time!

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