Sunday, October 18, 2009

Q3 Update

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Welcome to the Q3 Update. Wow, how things keep moving. The world still moves, and every day brings it’s new mysteries, challenges and many blessings. Iris and Mia have moved in; work is jumpin’, the Ink Rocked, the Skillet Cooked, and the Building is constantly transforming. We even re-painted my office. Wedding plans are coming along. We went to the Bridal Fair at the Hyatt Downtown Hotel, and as we were going thru things, we kinda felt a little tall in the fact that we have most everything nailed down already. Invites will be going out soon, so keep a look out.

As for everything else, we’re moving along. We have a new Elliptical machine in my office at home; which is going to work out great being that I am in a weight loss challenge at work. And Today we officially ended our first Tattoo Trade show; Rock the Ink. If you made it out, great, I saw a lot of people out here that I knew, and if you didn’t make it out, I’m sorry, you missed a very interesting event. We move onward and upward to the rest of our conventions of the season, and soon the Holidays will be upon us.

Well; I am going to get up on outta here, and go try to spend some quality time… Good night ya’ll, be safe, have fun, enjoy life and enjoy each other. God Bless.


PS: I know I was listening to Achy Breaky Heart... We were playing it as a Joke to Kelly up here at west security... I dont have an Achy Breaky Heart... I promise... =o)
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