Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Q2 Update

The Q2 Update for 2009
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Can you believe it, summer is upon us! It’s getting warm outside. I can usually tell, because my office is HOT! This little rink-a-dink fan just ain’t cuttin’ it. Can you believe it’s been a month already??? Yesterday, May 4th was one month since we buried Mom. The Family is hanging in there, I think some numbness to the situation is starting to settle in. About 4 days out of the week, there is at least 1 of us at her grave, although I haven’t visited since April 26th. It’s tough for me, I still have a very hard time when I allow my self to wallow in the moment. I have to keep my self busy in order to not think about it and have a total melt down in the process.

The kids (my brothers and sister) have signed over powers of executorship over to me, and let me tell you what, if you really want to get under someone’s skin; make them the executor of your estate when you’re gone, because this is some bull shit right here, I tell you. Probate, IRS, Estate Identification #, the Banks, mortgage, the family, insurance, who gets what, how and… Ugh!!! I feel sorry for Iris, at the end of the day when I call her, she gets what’s left over of all this. Thank God she is a strong woman, because, without her gentle guidance and soothing voice, I’d be the next one in a pine box right now. Things are getting better though, I’m learning to breathe again, and it will only make a me a stronger person at the end of the day. I tell you what though, there ain’t nothing in this world harder than loosing mom, if you can survive that, you can survive anything.

On to other things; Iris finally set her last day at dreamworks, I’m so excited, July 24th will be her move date down here. Everyone, I’m sure some of you reading this have told me already that you want to know when would be a good day so we can all go out and do something fun; we will, I’ll keep you posted.

As for the convention center – We just had a nice robotics convention just sweep thru, we’re gearing up for the last set of conventions coming thru before summer, then we can take a small break. We have Queensryche coming in to town on 05/29 and a concert and car show just after that on 06/07. We have one or two cage fights coming up and the Chef’s Knockout on 06/28, stay tuned to www.albuquerquecc.com for more details as they come up.

Well, that’s about all for now, take care, than you all for your care and support, I’ll be seeing you around!


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