Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Q1 Update for 2009

So, we’re rounding out the first quarter of ’09; wow, isn’t time flyin’ by!? What can I say, it’s been great! Pretty soon I’ll be celebrating 3 years at the convention center, my 2nd year in my new house, I’m leaving for another cruise again here next week. (Which I have to say is the first vacation I’ve taken since I started working for the center). Life is great. And yes, I did dress up as Mall Cop, and go see the movie! It’s was great, it was funny, we had a great time! For those of you who went, thanks! For those of you who missed it, well… what can I say, You missed it! =o)

I think what has really made my life great is I’ve finally found someone. Someone who loves me, who respects me, she is smart, she is be-a-utiful, she is an awesome woman! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! (She’s going with me on my cruise by the way…). I could go on and on about Iris, however, I’ll give you this, because this is all you really need anyway - My mom absolutely loves her! My whole family loves her, what can I say, she’s awesome!! And you know – If Mama likes her – She’s gotta be special. So, we’re headed off to Jamaica, and the Grand Camen Islands next weekend. It’s going to be a great 10 day vacation.

As for what’s happening here at the Convention Center, we just wrapped up Jerry Seinfeld. We have some great groups coming in; like the All American Rejects, Gabriel Iglesias, Queensreich, and KoRn just to name a few. We’re pretty busy with conventions; and a new piece of business we just picked up is the Mixed Martial Arts Fighting. It’s pretty interesting. Everything is just grand over here. We are in the midst of some changes around here, we have a new General Manager – Great guy, ton’s of experience, and I can’t wait to start picking his brain on what he’s experienced with other venues.

The old folks are still doing great. They’re slowing down now, only hitting the casino about twice a week. Mom is lovin’ the bar-tending gig at the casino, and she actually bar-tends every now and then here at the center when she’s not at the casino.

Jason, Scoot, and Savvy are doing great. Jason and Scoot’s babies are doing good. If you see Jason’s, I had NOTHING to do with it. Yes, he looks like me, however, I promise, he’s not mine! =o) Although if he looks like me, hopefully he’ll be as smart as me too! We have a bunch of different stuff coming up, summer’s creeping up on us here, time for the family BBQ’s at mom’s, I have 4 weeks of vacation to burn this year, so I’m doing my best to work on that. Life is just swell. I know the economy stinks, my advice is to keep your mind on the positive things right now. I mean, I don’t even wanna look at my 401k right now, I don’t want to even devote any energy to it. Keep your mind positive, do what’s right, help other people, and just enjoy what you have and cherish it. You honestly don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I hang out with my mom as much as I possibly can, I call my grandparents as often as I can. Because right now, in these times, each other’s love and support are crucial with all of this depressing news around us.

Well, that’s about it for the Q1 End update. More to come, I promise in Q2 as things are lookin’ awesome!

Have a great day!


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