Saturday, December 27, 2008

Closing Thoughts of 2008

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Christmas is over, and what did you get? Did you get everything you ever wanted? Are you disappointed because someone forgot about you? Are you sad because you miss someone? Did you get to hug everyone in your family? Kiss your wife; husband; boyfriend; girlfriend under the mistletoe?? Did you take the opportunities you had to show someone how much you loved them?

There is so much going on in the world now, that I think we get caught up in these tiny little details and we forget to look at the big picture. I thank God for my Mom, brothers Jason & Scooter, and my sister Savannah; My Grandparents that are still alive, and have done so much for me in my life.

This year I have met some pretty outstanding people, I have developed strong relationships with them; and this year I am vowing to cut out those who are dead weight. Those who drag me down, and I strongly suggest, people, if you have someone in your life who's like that, you do the same.

This coming year, we inaugurate a new president into office, and for someone who's kept up with me in years, know that's a heavy change. I know I've been thru Carter, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, and now, in my life time I'm seeing history in the making; as we are electing our first black President. I'm sharing this experience with my Grandparents, my Grandfather, who as a Federal Agent for the US Government was still persecuted because he was Indian. One of the most prejudicial men I know, who has seen so much in his 86 years he's been on this earth, who grew up with the absolution that there will never be anyone but a white man in the white house. It's time to break barriers people, cut the ropes, loose the sand bags, because if we're gonna fly, we can only take only what is essential to us! Those who are going to lift us up, pick us up when we fall, and pick us up at the airport when we come home. And when they need a ride, these people who do this for us, these are the people we throw over our shoulder and haul them to higher ground when they go down.

People who keep throwing themselves over the cliff, if you keep pulling them out, they're never going to learn, they're going to keep throwing themselves over the edge because they know you're going to pick them up. It's time to leave them down there, folks, and walk away. Yes, I know, it's going to be the hardest thing for us to watch and see, however, if we don't; if we continue to cast the line to these people, or in my case climb down there and get 'em ourselves, then we are only hindering them. These are the times of change people; if we want our world to change, then it is up to us as individuals to change it!

There's no such thing as a free hand out, there's no such thing as winning the lottery for us, there is no such thing as a sugar mama or sugar daddy (and for those of you who have one, and are under the thumb because of it); it's time to step out in faith; and believe that with CHRIST that is in us, we can do all things! We can tell that Mountain "Be thy removed, and cast unto the sea!" We can make our house payment, we can get to work on time, we can make new friends, we can stand on our own two feet, I can drive that car, I can climb that mountain, I can jump in that swimming pool, I can ride that bike, I can walk outside my house, I can walk away from that abusive relationship, I can get out of debt, I can learn how to dance, I… CAN!!!

It's going to take that first step people, it's going to take that faith in yourself to believe that if you want to do it, you can. Thomas Edison said once, commenting on the creation of the light bulb "I have not failed, I've just found a thousand ways that didn't work. Well, chalk that failure up as discoveries, and as Walt Disney said - "Keep Moving Forward!" There's a world of things to see out there people, and you have a whole lifetime to see them. Are you going to wait for an opportune moment, or you gonna get out there and see it!?

You ask me, what lit a fire under me today, well; I had an opportunity yesterday to drastically alter my path ahead, and I didn't take it. As my room mate told me "I B!+@HED out." I went home yesterday, mad! Mad at myself; and I told myself, if that opportunity ever comes up again, I'm not going to think, I'm just gonna take it! No questions, Just take it… I'm never going to accomplish what I want to by sitting on the sidelines, I've come this far haven't I? As Andy Dufrane said in the movie "the Shawshank Redemption" to his pal Red in the letter he wrote him, "Why not go a little further." All you need is your guts, and a bus ticket, and guess what, you've got the guts in ya, and you can pick up a bus ticket downtown!

Imagine if we lived out lives this way, imagine if we found our courage, imagine the places it would take us. I think half the adventure in life, for some of us, is finding our courage. Iris, I give my props to you and Mia! You took an extraordinary leap of faith not knowing what was going to lie ahead, and you went for it. My Hats off to you guys, you're my hero!

It's time to step out people, it's time to change, it's time to paint the walls a different color, it's time to change your phone number, it's time to try sushi, it's time to put your foot down and say "I'm not going to take this shit any more! It's time…

So, this year folks, get out there and make the change! 2009 is around the corner, I don't want to see any of ya'll's ugly Mug's in my office because you have nothing to do; I wanna see post cards on my desk with you swinging from the Eiffel tower with your shirt off, or Skateboarding across the Great Wall of China! You don't have a stamp, get one, if you cant afford one, get a job, if you can't work, do something good for someone else, and ask them for one, but get out there!!!

And I promise, I'll do the same.

God Speed to you in 2009, and may your adventures be wild.

Michael D. Chavez, CMC
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