Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some People

Thursday, October 02, 2008
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You know, we all have our experiences in being rude to people, and me, for the most part, when someone is rude to me, I take it to light that someone may have just had a bad day, come from a bad experience, or simply I'm reading their expressions the wrong way. I still maintain an unqualified belief that people in this world are still good.

Yet, I have come across individuals, that just have no good in them. People that, you would ask yourself, how can someone be that mean, or treat anyone like that. These people wander aimlessly from friend to friend asking "why are people so mean to me." "I don't deserve to be treated this way." I pray for these people; because they have no concept of anyone else in this world except for themselves. These people have no real friends to speak of. No real solid relationships they can hold on to; they just bounce from person to person, get what they can, and resolve into thin air.

I had the recent pleasure of coming across a person like this; and for those of ya'll who know me best; know my intentions. I gave benefit after benefit of the doubt with one particular person. I Understood their problems, took them in when they needed a shoulder, and encouraged them when they needed a friend. I invited them into my home, and into my life; and prayed for them every day. I let them know that there are good people out there who care.

I realized that there is no hope for people like this. As much as you give, there is nothing that can change that person until they wish and put effort into changing their own way of thinking. I still believe that there is good in this world, and I have some very close friends who are true and genuine - Good looking, and ugly as sin, all with a good heart to prove that.

Many times I'm judged by my appearance, maybe it's my fat head, or my bad eye, my glasses, or my size 40 pants, I'm still judged by the way I look rather than who I am as a person. This experience as given me a lesson like none other. I wish I could even begin to explain it.

Past behavior, does however, predict future actions. If anything, remember that motto. I think there are only very few special cases where that has been disproven. Those cases I have seen, the hand of God has performed Miracles to change a life around for the Good. How do you know when that Miracle has taken place??? Well, the only suggestion I can make is look into a person's eyes, but pay attention to their behavior. If their behavior are not in sync with what their eyes tell you, then recognize the clue, and walk away. If they are, stay close, you are in the presence of a miracle.

Well, This is my Rant for the month. I know I haven't posted anything up for a few months, so, I figured I'd give my new keyboard a spin and give ya'll something to chew on.

Just to answer a few questions:

Yes, I'm still single

Yes, that was me in the Magazine

Gramps is fine

Savannah (sister is well)

The Twin's are both due sometime in November

Burbank was great, but glad to be home. (nothing like a sopapilla)

And I'm still working on my cruise vacation for the year. (I'll keep ya'll posted =o)

Everyone take care, I pray blessings on your lives, Jesus is Good!, and God Bless.

Michael D. Chavez, CMC

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