Thursday, December 6, 2007

This year - in a short Blog

Thursday, December 06, 2007

This year - in a short Blog
Well, lets see… Year's almost over, and man what a year it was!!! A very good, close friend of mine passed a way, and I also had to fly out to bury a family member. All in all, I think I had 5 funerals this year.

It's been a topsie turvy year. A lot of interesting things has happened. I almost caught the Measles. I went to Epcot, I traveled aboard a US Nuclear Attack Submarine, I shot up to Dallas to visit my cousin Jessica, Went river rafting in Durango. Lost touch with a few friends, and was re-acquainted with some old ones. I even bought a segway; something I've wanted for quite some time. Mom broke up with her boyfriend 6 times, got tired of that nonsense and wound up marrying him. I was re-instated to my old position at the church for a day to coordinate one of the most important events in the church; and as agreed, I turned over my command of my old crew back to the resident overseer shortly after. I got to sit on the beach for a day this past year (glad I got at least 1 day in). My brother Jason got Divorced. He quickly bounced back and got hooked up with my Brother Scooter's wife's twin sister. (yea, take a moment, awkward, I know).

As far as the Convention Center goes. I've been thru some of the most interesting, busiest seasons of the year. From the Intel International Science Fair to Kubota Tractor to the Modest Mouse Concert. Oh, and dare I forget, what's his face, that one guy from Waynes World – Alice Cooper! What a year. I am so looking forward to 12 straight days off starting in a few weeks.

I think the biggest news this year (Other than the trip aboard the USS Albuquerque SSN706) is I bought a new house and am now living in town. Man, Living on my own is interesting. I have to get use to ironing my own shirts again. Man, what a challenge.

For all the church folk out there reading this; I may not be active in the church any more, however, my Faith in God is as strong as ever. I've faced many challenges this year however I know it is simply the testing of my faith that is there to help renew my strength. I miss you guys all the time, and I try my hardest to get over there to see you guys when ever I get the chance.

Just to clarify a few things: No I'm not married. No kids, and No girlfriend in the mix. I do have a room mate living with me. Nancy (47 from South Dakota) is renting the room at my house for the winter. We call her "McNancy." Most of you have met her, and those who haven't, well – she's just as or even more so opinionated than I am. It's an interesting friendship. I think I'm turning her into a sloth though.

Well, I think that's about all I have for right now. Thank's to all of you this year! All of you who are a part of my life, whether we talk every day, or those of you who I see for Christmas and Easter, and to those I only get to catch once a year, Thank you! My friends list maybe small and insignificant by most standards, but those who I can truly call my friends I consider myself blessed.

Ya'll take care. And See you soon.

Michael D. Chavez, Chief

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